Grand Magnolia

Grand Magnolia
The stunning leaves of the magnolia make for a bold statement with hydrangea and lotus pods to soften.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breezy day

There is nothing more delightful than the sweet anticipation of a long awaited event...unless of course you can hear the clock ticking!

Summer is here, and of course so is the Hydrangea...let's pause for a moment and consider the magnificence of the humble hydrangea.  My grandmother used to grow them in her garden, you can find them in the most exciting of well thought out gardens, or in the driveway of houses which are badly in need of renovation!!  No matter where you see it, it will always bring a smile.  Lush green foliage, strong green stems, and heads of star-like flowers that glitter with white, pink, green, blue, and sometimes even 'tea stained' petals...they are truly wonderful, and I intend on filling my house with them this summer.

For the best prices, head to the markets at's the only time to go in order to secure your bunch!!

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