Grand Magnolia

Grand Magnolia
The stunning leaves of the magnolia make for a bold statement with hydrangea and lotus pods to soften.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Our Logo is ready!

After much anticipation and many alterations, additions and subtractions...our logo has finally emerged, and we couldn't be happier!  Designed by James at Red Rag Media, the logo is fresh, elegant and timeless.  Tell us what you think!

The second half of the year is proving to be quite busy, with a couple of exciting ventures coming up...including set design at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA). Fefu and Her Friends opens 6th August and promises to be a thought provoking production which explores gender roles, sexuality, love between women, and insanity - it revels in the theatre of the absurd, slap stick and surrealism.  Come along and enjoy the set design (as well as the acting!!).

Weddings also abound, with two interstate adventures coming my way, and a wedding that promises to deliver some very intriguing photos due to its rather bizarre and very cool reception venue (sorry, can't say anymore than that on pain of death!!).  Stay tuned for some great photos.

Sophie B Photography and GLR are teaming up for a bridal/wedding photo shoot at St Andrews Cathedral in Sydney.  It will be a fun day full of coffee, beautiful flowers and stunning photography from one of Sydney's newest talents.  Models required, so feel free to recommend or submit yourselves!!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Winter Lovelies

Winter comes to town every year, and try as we might, it's hard sometimes to bring ourselves to take off the ugg boots, swear off the hot chocolate and marshmallows, and start drinking luke warm water infused with sliced lemon...
Maybe that's a bit far fetched...bottom line is, mustering the motivation is not always easy!  I find my mind more alive and inspired if I have fresh flowers in the house.
There are two things I love most about winter in Australia...cymbidium orchids, and peach/pear/cherry (fruit) blossom 'en masse' and placed in a sunny part of the house to maximise the life of the branches.  Cymbidiums can last up to 2 or 3 weeks, blossom branches...sometimes even longer!!!
If you are having an issue with the weather, bring the garden inside, and look forward to a view of flowering blossoms every morning - in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the dining room.  Go nuts, it doesn't take much!