Grand Magnolia

Grand Magnolia
The stunning leaves of the magnolia make for a bold statement with hydrangea and lotus pods to soften.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Breezy day

There is nothing more delightful than the sweet anticipation of a long awaited event...unless of course you can hear the clock ticking!

Summer is here, and of course so is the Hydrangea...let's pause for a moment and consider the magnificence of the humble hydrangea.  My grandmother used to grow them in her garden, you can find them in the most exciting of well thought out gardens, or in the driveway of houses which are badly in need of renovation!!  No matter where you see it, it will always bring a smile.  Lush green foliage, strong green stems, and heads of star-like flowers that glitter with white, pink, green, blue, and sometimes even 'tea stained' petals...they are truly wonderful, and I intend on filling my house with them this summer.

For the best prices, head to the markets at's the only time to go in order to secure your bunch!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peonie Lover

OK, so I admit to having an affair with flowers, but "The King of Flowers", the showy and in no way humble Peonie, has taken this affair to new heights.  This season saw flashes of apricot across the market stands, as sellers imported the showy boys from Tasmania.  Bright pink, white with hot pink that splashed across the centre petals creating a pair of 'lips' that were screaming for closer inspection.  Honestly, these flowers are DIVINE, and not only that, they are for the educated floral enthusiasts who can really appreciate the short lived season, and the well spent investment in placing them all on their own in a big fat vase somewhere where they will be seen from ALL angles.  Not a moment must be wasted when these flowers are on show.  Put them in the kitchen, drink in their loveliness at every opportunity, and truly appreciate the King...without the blue suede shoes...

Monday, November 8, 2010

the thunder rolls on in...again

Beautiful sunshine, warm day, light breeze...until it hits 2pm and the dark clouds roll in, the thunder claps ring out and the heavens know you are in Australia when you see steam coming off the road while it's raining...

On a lighter note...

The flowers selected for my end of year major display are not going to work.  I am thoroughly enthralled with the idea of modern, monotone, asymmetric design...but the old world lover of roses and hyacinth just won't let me do it!!!  I am therefore going with my heart, and using white roses, white hydrangea, white lily's, magnolia leaf and swarovski crystal beading...with a hand died silk ribbon trim.  There.  Decision all i have to do is sketch it and cost it out to time...

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Thank You! We Appreciate your Business! : Karen Millen - Karen Millen Clothing - Karen Millen Dress,90% OFF!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Spring has finally arrived...and summer is not far away!

The Sydney weather has been nothing short of unpredictable...sunny one day, raining the next...  Although the weather hampers the outings with the kids somewhat, it does nothing to hamper the production of beautiful David Austen (DAs) roses!!!  I am over the moon with the selection available from my man at the Flemington markets.
I went on Friday and was there to gather info for my end of year display at Pearsons, but of course the DAs distracted me and pulled me towards them with their irresistible wafted through the markets and even managed to overtake the odd whiff of cigarette smoke that made it's unfortunate way to my nostrils...

Anyhoo...doing a trial for my wired bouquet piece tonight if I can manage to get the kids into bed by 730pm...wish me luck.  A bottle of red and a good ol favourite movie on in the background, and I should be able to get into bed by midnight...eugh.

Photos to follow...