Grand Magnolia

Grand Magnolia
The stunning leaves of the magnolia make for a bold statement with hydrangea and lotus pods to soften.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maroochydore wedding

Wired cymbidiums are a treat in any arrangement, but I do love them in bouquets the most.  They add such a touch of elegance and their retro appearance, when paired with sweet pea and akito roses, makes for an eyecatching piece.  The bride wore white, the maids green.  Maroon ranunculus in the maids bouquets complimented the throat of the cymbidiums and added a striking contrast to an otherwise neutral palette.

Lily of the Valley (or L.O.V.) was a treat to find in the markets that Friday morning, so of course was added to the mother's corsages.  The sweet scent was delightful and was worth the trouble taken to get them to QLD without them drying out!!  Thankyou to QANTAS baggage handlers for reading the hundreds of 'fragile' stickers plastered to the boxes!

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