Grand Magnolia

Grand Magnolia
The stunning leaves of the magnolia make for a bold statement with hydrangea and lotus pods to soften.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Musings on mothers day

The following is a excerpt from my little notebook, which kept me company the very cold morning of sat 7th May while waiting for customers to arrive...the things we do...
"Clear day, crisp morning.  "...that indescribable feeling of my inner mantra chanting - "I will succeed in selling today!" - is going off in my head, and the temperature, the fresh smell of coffee, coupled with admiring glances of my 'wares' is giving me a sense of belonging - this is my calling.   Time: 8:45   Coffees: 2"
OK, so as poetic as it all sounds, it really did turn out to be a good day, and although I packed up at midday to go home and spend some time with my family, I left feeling a little tense about whether or not the rest of the stock would go on mothers day.  Completely unfounded as it turns out, I sold everything except one stubborn bouquet and a vase arrangement...lesson learned...stock is HARD to move when there the display is somewhat diminished due to excessive sales...haha...I'm not complaining!
So here is my fave photo of the day...more to follow.
Julia ~ GLR x

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